Web & Social Media Policy

Hot Star Honey social media channels are designed to share information about our company, show consumers the brand, give recipe ideas and tell all sorts of stories about the products that we sell.

Hot Star Honey encourages consumers to share ideas and for it to be the perfect place to ask questions as well as for us to help give answers.

We want people to feel welcome and be treated in a caring way by others, we therefore encourage people be kind and follow some etiquette. We have created some Hot Star online rules that we would like to share with you.

Please take a look at our web & social media policy referred to as Hot Star Rules;

Commenting on social media posts

No slanderous personal attacks – You cannot insult, make fun, or attack other users. Making slanderous, racist commentary are not allowed.

You cannot post to our social media channels or website any material, information or communication that contravenes any applicable laws or regulations.

Be caring, pleasurable and polite – we don’t like it when people intimidate, browbeat and bully people in a negative or antagonistic way. We don’t accept swearing on posts; we’re a small, friendly company so so we would like the Hot Star website and social media channels to be friendly too for everyone.

We like our website and social channels to be well-ordered, so occasionally we will neaten it up now and again by taking out comments that break the Hot Star Rules, especially if they break the law or effect others on our various channels and sites.

Contravening the Hot Star Rules

We really encourage this etiquette throughout our social media channels because actually it makes the adventure and discovery better for everybody, so we would like all people using the Hot Star sites to follow them. We will prohibit people who break the Hot Star Rules, or has disregard or lacks respect for our other users.

We hope you enjoy your experience with us.