Hot Star Honey makes crafted chilli honey sauces, specially developed to drizzle over hot pizza, chicken and Stir-fry’s

Made with natural honey, finely ground chilli peppers and specially toasted spices from exceptional ingredient suppliers around the world…

Customers love the sweet-heat sensation of Hot Star Chilli Honey!

Our Sauces Pair Well With Your Favourite Dishes

Drizzle the sweetness of honey blended with the heat of cayenne chilli on to your favourite dish. Whether that’s Pizza, Chicken, Noodles or even a cheeky portion of Fries…. you’ll love the sweet-heat of Hot Star Chilli Honey!



Stir Fry

It's Not Just Hot Honey

It’s a carefully crafted chilli honey sauce, made with honey, cayenne pepper and our special spice recipe