About Hot Star Honey

From a Norfolk farm to a career in product development, my passion for food led to crafting unique honey-based sauces. Discovering the Hot Honey trend in America back in 2018, I knew sweet and spicy flavours appealed to British tastes. 

Knowing the UK pizza restaurant owners’ challenges, I set about crafting a chilli honey sauce for professional chefs, resolving the issue of honey running off hot food, through a meticulous reduction and thickening process.

My continued research in the USA and travels in Southeast Asia inspired me to experiment with sweet and sour flavours, resulting in our signature Sweet-Heat Sensation. Hot Star Honey loves being in front of consumer demands, with a focus on more complex flavour combinations of "Sweet Heat." We've experienced a remarkable increase in spicier and fuller flavours.

Attending over 30 UK food festivals a year enables us to taste-test our sauces in front of 400,000 potential fans, shaping our product range based on their valuable feedback. Originating from supplying foodservice professionals in hospitality many years, our success lies in creating premium, unique taste with smooth texture for drizzling on sizzling hot foods, making sauces that work. 

The heart of Hot Star Honey is innovation, in fact it’s paramount, as we continue to create and develop a diverse range of flavours. Chefs can creatively use these smooth honey sauces, enhancing dishes by adding an extra layer of drizzly goodness. Hot Star Honey is excited about future prospects and expansion, ensuring our range remains at the forefront of evolving consumer preferences.

Sensational Hot Star Honey

Hot Star Honey stands out for its smooth texture, high production standards, and unrivalled taste with diverse flavours.


Our honey comes exclusively from South America, sourced from natural pastures with native flowers, ensuring fresh, award-winning flavours from skilled beekeepers.


Our quality team expertly blends honey with finely ground chillies, apple cider vinegar, and special toasted spices, achieving the perfect flavour profile.


Hot Star Honey remains committed to delivering high-quality, we are proudly bringing you and your family the best-tasting hot honey possible.