Asian Sauce Collection


Serving Suggestion: Drizzle on Pizza, Chicken, Stir-Fry

Introducing our Asian Sauce Collection, the perfect addition to your summer barbecue season. Elevate your dishes with these flavour-packed sauces, crafted to bring an authentic Asian flair to your favourite foods, from Chinese Hoisin burgers to Korean Buffalo chicken, Mango Chilli salad to Sticky Soy sizzling steaks. Whether you're grilling, dipping, or drizzling, our collection of honey sauces promises to tantalise your taste buds and take your culinary creations to new heights. Perfect for pairing with tortilla chips, pitta bread, pretzels, crackers, mozzarella sticks, or vegetables, these dips offer endless dipping possibilities, making them a deliciously versatile choice for any occasion.

  • Chinese Hoisin: This sensational blend combines sticky honey sweetness with the rich creaminess of roasted peanut, complemented by the depth of traditionally brewed dark soy sauce and our signature blend of spices.
  • Sticky Soy: Crafted to perfection, we blend sticky honey sweetness with traditionally brewed dark Japanese soy, a generous amount of freshly crushed garlic, and a splash of Amontillado Sherry.
  • Cayenne Chilli Honey: We marry the sweetness of honey with the heat of Cayenne peppers, fruity apple cider vinegar with our specially toasted spices.
  • Korean Buffalo: Expertly crafted, experience the perfect marriage of heat, sweetness, and umami enriched with the vibrant flavours of gochujang, a traditional Korean chilli paste, and an array of aromatic seasonings like garlic, ginger, and soy.
  • Mango Chilli: Deliciously juicy mango skilfully blended with the sweetness of honey, the warming heat of chilli and using our specially toasted spices.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Asian Flair: Our Asian Sauce Collection presents a range of flavour-packed sauces inspired by traditional Asian ingredients, ensuring an authentic taste experience that enhances any dish.
  • Versatile Usage: Whether grilling, dipping, or drizzling, honey sauces elevate your culinary creations, adding a burst of flavour to everything from burgers to salads.
  • Exciting Asian Flavours: Delve into the world of contemporary Asian tastes with our selection of honey sauces. From Chinese Hoisin to Korean Buffalo, these trending flavours invigorate every dish with tasty Asian flavours, great for summer parties and all of the seasons.
  • Crafted to Perfection: Meticulously crafted, our sauces, like Sticky Soy, are made with premium ingredients, using a slow and precise cooking process, resulting in beautifully smooth and rich sauces.
  • Bold and Spicy: Experience the robust flavours of our Korean Buffalo sauce, enriched with fiery gochujang and aromatic seasonings, adding a spicy kick to your favourite dishes.
  • Magic with Mayo: These dips also shine when combined with mayo, particularly our Mango Chilli variation, creating a delicious taste of Indian flavour that elevates chicken dippers and other crispy foods beautifully.
  • Explore Hoisin Honey Sauce Options: Indulge in the rich fusion of flavours with our Hoisin Honey Sauce. Perfect for drizzling over grilled chicken skewers, glazing succulent salmon fillets, or adding a sweet kick to spring rolls. Elevate your dishes, whether you're roasting duck breast, spare ribs or pork fillet, brush on the irresistible blend of hoisin and honey.
  • Chicken & Rice Sticky Soy: This sweetened, dark caramelised soy sauce, made with rich brown sugar and soy sauce, is best used over stir-fries or as a dipping sauce with spring rolls and samosas. It's also a key ingredient in our delicious signature dish, we recommend simply mixing with chicken and rice!
  • Cayenne Hot Honey Best on Pepperoni Pizza: Drizzle our Cayenne Hot Honey Sauce over bubbling hot, gooey pepperoni pizza or brush it onto crispy crunchy fried chicken for a spicy-sweet sensation that ignites your taste buds.
  • Korean Buffalo Honey Wings: After cooking your wings to crispy perfection, toss them generously in our Korean Buffalo sauce for a fiery Gochujang kick that ignites your taste buds. The spicy tanginess of Korean flavours will take your wings from ordinary to extraordinary in an instant.
  • Mango Chilli Cheese Toasties: Drizzle our Mango Chilli Honey over gooey melted cheese on toast for a sweet and spicy twist. Perfect also for dipping Asian and Indian snacks, this exotic honey adds a zesty kick to your favourite cheeses.
Our sauces are perfect for drizzling over beef, glazing BBQ chicken, adding depth to tender pork, transforming hot noodles and more.

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